Private & Civil Constructions Portfolio

Build a House, a Hotel, any Building or any Civil Construction

Energon constructions has a strong and active 25 year presence in the construction sector. Our portfolio includes more than 300 public and private projects of various categories and budgets, thus making energon constructions one of the leading construction companies in Greece.

Currently, we are planning, managing and constructing many different projects that offer tailored effective solutions in our ongoing effort to create better living environments for all.

Discover below some illustrative examples of our projects:

Traditional Stone House

Holiday House

An elegant stone house in Chalkidiki, Greece, with low maintenance costs

Permanent Residences Complex

Residence Complex

Ideally oriented modern neoclassical residences in Halkidiki, Greece, with a sea view

energon constructions Headquarters

Offices & Stores

A modern energy efficient building in Ηalkidiki, Greece

Triglia Theatre & Cultural Center


A spectacular theatre construction that upgrades the area

Reconstruction of Nea Moudania Centre & Coast


An important aesthetic and functional upgrading of the city centre & coast of Nea Moudania in Halkidiki, Greece

6th Primary School of Menemeni


A pioneer bioclimatic school in Thessaloniki, Greece

Energon constructions, through its broad experience, thorough knowledge and expertise, delivers inspiring and sustainable constructions that promote people's quality of life making them thrive in ideal environments.

  1. Sustainable Constructions
  2. Cost Effective Solutions
  3. High Aesthetics
  4. Flexible Functionality
  5. Integrity & Reliability
  6. ISO Certified

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