1. We plan, study and design

Development of initial idea, timeframe and allocation of responsibilities

With qualified scientists, as appropriate, we develop the initial idea and plan all our actions for its implementation.

Study and design of project

In collaboration with the design team and those in charge of the project construction, we seek the best outcome up to the final implementation study.

The Director of the company at his office planning and managing the work

2. We manage

Workers working at a building site

Detailed budget

Based on our knowledge of the materials and services market, we can accurately budget the cost of any project.

Work Schedule

Driven by the need for speed and the wish to coordinate works in the best possible way, we determine the time required for the execution of each project.

Human and Material Resources Management

With our experience in managing a large number of highly complex projects, we are able to coordinate all project players.

3. We construct

Monitoring of Time

20-year experience in a wide range of projects with rigorous time schedules.

Financial Management

We are able to establish low budgets due to the company's available own funds, select partners and reputation for solvency in the market.

We have an organised accounting department and collaborate with qualified accountants.

Project Development

Highly trained executives and thorough organisation.

Full range of mechanical equipment.

Well-established scientific and professional competence and know-how.

Familiarisation with a wide variety of materials and construction methods.

Control of Construction Process

Compliance with all ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance forms and procedures.

Safety in the Workplace

Compliance with all OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety procedures.

Environmental Protection

Compliance with all OHSAS14001 environmental management procedures.

Work in progress, aerial shot of the building site