An outstanding building with offices & stores

An exemplary building with offices & stores, designed to accommodate energon constructions headquarters and constructed to reflect the company’s increasing prestige

The complex of offices and stores is located on the main provincial road Kassandreias-Siviris, Halkidiki and is developed on 3 levels: on the ground floor there are 2 independent shops, the first floor accommodates energon constructions headquarters and an additional office space, and in the basement there are various storerooms and auxiliary areas. The building consists of two distinct volumes with a covered metal bridge being the connecting point.

The building, designed for low maintenance costs, is a brilliant example of not only quality construction but also of unique aesthetics. The curved lines, the high quality exceptional marbles from Nestos, the use of contemporary technology and generally the modern design and choice of building materials make the whole construction a visual landmark of the area.

The aesthetic differentiation and the construction superiority of the building compared to others in the area, make a clear statement and visually links construction quality with the successful growth of energon constructions.

It includes:

  • energon constructions headquarters
    • 1 CEO office room
    • 3 other office rooms
    • 1 meeting room
    • big open space
    • WC
    • Kitchen
  • 1 office space
  • 2 autonomous ground stores
  • basement
  • parking
  • budget 1.000.000€
  • construction category Offices & Stores
  • plot of land/construction 773 m2 / 1.114 m2
  • year of construction 2009
  • location Kassandreia
  • client energon constructions
  • architecture study energon constructions - Mousouri Maria
  • services Planing, Managment, Development

Construction Quality Characteristics

The basic requirement for the construction was to drastically reduce all maintenance costs of the building without, though, sacrificing its modern aesthetics. Construction techniques that endure time have been applied and durable building materials have been chosen. Timeless materials that instead of being worn out, they become better through time and they transform acquiring a unique patina. We used Nestos marbles, two-tone bricks that create a desirable contrast with the marble, granite, glass and aluminum.

Low Maintenance Costs
As low maintenance costs was a major construction requirement, we used building materials like marble, stainless aluminum, inox and glass. Those are incredibly durable materials that require minimum costs of maintenance.
Energy Efficiency
High quality concrete, advanced insulation, thick energy efficient windows, special waterproof insulations and advanced heating and cooling systems are some of the main factors that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in the building.
ΚΝΧ Technology
Energon constructions offices operate through a central management system with KNX technology, an office automation system that controls all lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning etc, not only allowing for high convenience, great reliability and low power consumption but offering a more practical and cost efficient business environment.

Construction Planning & Designing

The basic design requirements were the creation of an iconic building that would reflect the increasing prestige and successful growth of energon constructions, the development of a high quality work environment, as well as the need to construct autonomous spaces for sale or rent. The matter of corporate identity and extroversion, both through the design and the actual construction, was set from the beginning and it has defined not only the design itself but also the choice of building materials and construction techniques.

The design includes curved lines that add a unique feature to the building and attract the attention of potential clients. Large glass surfaces, large windows and glass partitions give the building the desired extroversion, creating an interaction with passers-by and a connection to the natural environment. Additionally, they provide plenty of light and ventilation to the building. The circular outdoor area acts as an open embrace that invites the visitors and leads them inside the building. In a dominant position there is a local two hundred-year-old olive tree, a symbol of prosperity, power and timelessness.

Construction Challenges & Effective Solutions

The street where the building is located is uneven, so the inclination is different for the 2 volumes of the building. This made the access to the basement difficult and steep. Bearing in mind that both cars and pedestrians ought to be able to go to the basement, we have created two separate ramps with such an inclination that allows everyone to freely enter the basement.

The design and construction approach created an unconventional modern building with a unique innovative style. An eye-catching building that attracts the interest of passers-by.

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