Our Quality Policy & Official ISO Certifications

At energon constructions, we enforce an integrated management and control system to all our activities in order to operate as efficiently as possible. For that reason our construction company apply: a construction quality management system that ensures the quality of all our construction projects, an environmental management system that manages the impact of our construction projects on the environment, an occupational health and safety management system that ensures safety in the workplace.

In this context, following the development and implementation of the above integrated management system, energon constructions has been officially certified by the EQA HELLAS S.A. as complying with the following Standards:

  • Quality Management System - ΕΝ ISO 9001: 2015
  • Environmental Management System - ΕΝ ISO 14001: 2015
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ELOT (Hellenic Organisation for Standardisation) 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001 : 2007

Read our policy for Construction Quality, for Health & Safety and for the Environment